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Registered & Bonded
   Intel Professionals

Professional Services

    We offer an array of professional services and
    tailor our services to each client's specific needs.
    We work with the legal industry, private business, 
    municipal organizations and the

general public alike. 



Process Server
Registered & Bonded Agents. We SERVE and file the
Proof Of Service with the proper court.  

Skip-Trace | Stake-Out Intel Services 
We are Certified Open Source Intelligence [OSINT] professionals,
we draw on various investigative techniques when skip-tracing.
Stake-out services are used for difficult subjects evading service.

Fugitive | Bail Enforcement Services
We work with various bail bond companies / fugitive recovery agents to assist with the whereabouts of fugitives for apprehension.

Municipal Services 
We offer an array of consulting services to local municipal organizations to enhance their success and productivity.

-Hearing Officers
CA Advanced Certified Mediators 

-Process Server
We support Receivership & Abatement programs

-Expert Witness
Code Enforcement witness with over a 
decade of experience.

For pricing please call us at ​​​​760.894.0470 and for more information about PIA, please download our  brochure, Intake and Agreement forms, below. 


Unlawful Detainer [Eviction Package]
1. We SERVE the 3-DAY Notice to start the Eviction process on Tenant[s]. 
2. We SERVE the Unlawful Detainer [Eviction] documents on Tenant[s]. 
3. We FILE the Proof of Service with the proper Court.

Service By Publication [Package] 
The PIA Team handles everything from preparing, notarizing and filing the "Order For Service of Publication" along with having the legal notice published in a newspaper of the Clients choice for 4 weeks, thus satisfying the Courts Proof Of service / Due Diligence process.  

Process Server VS. Sheriff​​

We at PIA are asked often between the benefits of using a Registered Process Server or the Sheriff for service of process. 

Many lawyers and paralegals report that professionally registered process servers provide faster service. Some process servers may attempt their first delivery within one to three days of receiving the necessary documents. In contrast, sheriff’s departments may take longer because there are generally other things that the department is focused on, such as curtailing crime or handling prisoner transports. Faster service is important in cases that have a quick turnaround or that require process within a specified number of days. 

While sheriff’s offices must worry about a wide range of laws related to criminal and civil matters, professional process service companies tend to only need to be concerned with laws related to providing effective service. They are commonly well-versed in rules related to process serving, including what time of day valid process can be completed, [within some jurisdictions], whether they can leave legal documents with another responsible person in the household, whether there are restrictions pertaining to where the service can be completed.